How to Build Stronger Loyalty Programme with Customer Segmentation

build stronger customer loyalty

  Have you started a loyalty programme? Still not getting any results?  Brands usually make their programs too universal, they know very well that their target audiences are different, but when it comes to a loyalty program, they end up offering the same experience to everyone – “20% cashback” – well, that may look attractive, […]

Loyalty Programme Strategies To Win More Customers In 2021

Loyalty Programme Strategies to win more customers

  Customers are fickle and they’re constantly changing.  Trying to build that long-term relationship with consumers is really challenging and a lot of this is due to three major shifts in consumer attitudes that we’ve observed over the past 10 years the first is a shift in consumers attitudes towards technology. Consumers agreement that ‘technology is […]

Why Build Customer Loyalty through ‘Relationship Marketing’

loyalty programme

How are you engaging with your customers? Sure, you may have some marketing campaigns and promotions running to acquire customers or to retain your existing client base.  Your discounts, promotions are temporary, you can attract your customers for time being, but if you are willing to build customer loyalty in true sense then you much […]