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Poket is the Saas all-in-one CRM & Loyalty Program Software that’s built to help businesses in customer relationship management and increase profitability.

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Poket Loyalty Program Software


Reward your in-store or online shoppers

Choose a readymade template from the available 9 types of loyalty programs that suits your business.

Power up your reward program with perks and e-voucher.

Deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time with  marketing campaign automation.

Optimise your customer  loyalty programs with insightful statistics about your customers

Opportunity to engage with your customers 24/7/365.

Integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce. Provides API to integrate with all other systems.

Customer loyalty program software

Built to win your customer loyalty

Poket provides any combination of programs tailored to suit your business

Tiered points system

Retain Customers

Elevate customer retention and brand love to the next level with a suitable loyalty program.

Loyalty Program


Increase Brand Loyalty​

Keep the loyalty experience fresh with engaging rewards and reach each segment with a unique offer. 


Referral Program

Acquire New Customers

Turn customer advocacy into your  customer acquisition with our automated referral program.

customer feedback

More Happy Customers

Get your customer satisfaction by collecting customer feedback and improve your products or services.


Increase Customer Engagement

Easily set up and automate the campaigns to engage, retain, and pull back lost customers with personalization.

Marketing Campaigns

Spin the Wheel

Increase Sales

Set attractive prizes and encourage customers to spend more in-store to enjoy a chance to spin and win.

Gift Voucher

Generate additional revenues

A great way to generate revenue 24/7 by enabling your customers to buy e-gift from you and send to their friends and family instantly.

Catalogue Program

Communicate Effectively

Make it convenient for both your company and customers by allowing them to easily find your products, services and promotions.

Turbocharge your repeat business

customer loyalty software

Supercharge customer retention

Loyal customers spend 3 times more than new customers and typically 10 times the value of their first purchases.

loyalty software for small businesses

Grow a sustainable business

Brands need to break through the noise of digital advertisement and develop a relationship with the consumers for a sustainable growth of your business. 

loyalty programme

Improve cash flow

Loyalty programs are 10X more effective than typical marketing campaigns which doesn’t hamper but improve your cash flow.

See how it happens with Poket

Connect customers through your loyalty program

– Select a ready Poket template of Loyalty Program 

– Personalise to match your brand goals

– Launch & sign up members to your amazing loyalty program

free membership management software
customer loyalty program software

Power up with rewards

– Reward your customer with perks and e-vouchers.

– We make your rewards easy and accessible for your customers by giving them access to check on their mobile phones. 

– One size sure doesn’t fit all. Create different rewards for different targeted segments of your customers.

Surprise and delight with automated campaigns

– Engage with your customers with automated campaigns like referral automation, pull back lapsed customers and other automated marketing campaigns.

– Don’t miss the opportunity to delight and surprise your customers on their special occasions by automating the process. 

loyalty management software
loyalty software

Sit back and watch the results roll in

– Monitor and analyse your results with the real time data and reports available.

– Get to know your best customers, loyal customers, their spending, visit frequency, referrals etc.

– Tweak your loyalty program on the go for better performance.

Comprehensive loyalty program software
for your eCommerce website


Start your loyalty rewards program with one click installation from the Shopify app store.


Now you can use Poket powerful loyalty program software with your WooCommerce!

All Other Systems Integration

Whether you want to integrate with other e-commerce, point-of-sale or any other systems, we got you covered. Our APIs are available for hassle-free integration.

loyalty program for Shopify and WooCommerce

Our clients

Growing happy customers for SMEs to Fortune 500 companies
Our Clients

Success Case

Volkswagen use Poket customer loyalty management system

Volkswagen Malaysia adopted Poket loyalty management solution. Poket built the loyalty app and Volkswagen saw a substantial growth in 2019 with a total download of 16,498 members, and 46% growth in 2020 with 9,483 new members to achieve 30,000 as of 30th November 2020. 

Erik Winter, Managing Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is pleased with the support received towards the Volkswagen Cares app. “The app was created to make our services more accessible to our customers, and further improve their overall ownership experience. The convenience of accessing the Volkswagen world via mobile app is offered in different Volkswagen markets around the world, and what we are also delighted to note is that our app has seen an unparalleled take-up rate compared to other markets managed by the Porsche Holdings Group.”

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