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The Carrot Principle

That Bring Your Customers Back

What if you have a gift card, stored value card, top up card, package card, or cashback card where it contains monetary value in it, will you return to the store to use it? What if you have some points and just need to accumulate a little bit points more to redeem a wonderful reward, would you return to the store to earn that points? What if you receive a birthday gift or an irresistible deal e-voucher, will you return to the store to use it? If you would, your customer would as well.


Giving your customers a carrot (a.k.a reason or reward) and motivating them to spend with you again can be easily done with  Poket loyalty CRM tool.


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Attract customers with Loyalty Program Software

Value Your Customers

And Build A Stronger Relationship

Do you collect customer feedback so that you can improve your product and services? Do you know who are the unhappy customers where you can take action to keep them loyal to your brand? Do you know which customer has not been spending with for you a certain period and you want to win them back?


We know that you value your customers but sometimes it is just too time-consuming and tedious to do all these feedback collections and win-back campaigns. That’s why Poket has an automated feature to help you to collect feedback and an automated win-back campaign to retain your customers.


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retain customers with loyalty software

Increase Engagement Frequency

To Increase Spending Frequency

There are so many festive and joyous occasions in a year where you can engage with your customers and entice them to return. Let’s Poket marketing campaigns feature helps you to increase your customer engagement more frequently and bring your customers back.


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Engage customers


Grow Your Business Overnight, Every Night

While You Sleep, Your Customers Continue To Grow

Loyalty platform member sign up

24/7 Customers Sign Up

The user-friendly member portal and/or member app will support quick self-sign by your customers anytime, anywhere.


Other than your customers, the referral program works for you automatically 24/7 as well. This means that your customers’ friends can sign up at any time as well.


Growing customers made easy.


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Loyalty platform feature

24/7 Sales Channel

Other than loyalty rewards  program, will you like to sell gift vouchers online? If yes, you can launch a gift voucher online which include a selling page to help you sells 24/7 round the clock.

Once you set up your gift voucher program, you can integrate with your payment gateway. 100% of the sales proceeds will go to your account directly. We do not charge any processing fee.

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Loyalty platform management

More Selling Ideas

What if you don’t want to sell online and only want to sell in-store? Sure, you can sell at your store for many other rewards programs such as


✓  Package Program

✓  Paid Membership Program

✓  Stored Value/ Top Up Program

✓  E-Vouchers


It is easy for your in-store staff to execute and track the sales using the store portal.


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Omnichannel Seamless Experience

That Improves Customer Experience And Provide More Channels For Customer Purchase

Poket Omnichannel loyalty program software


Seamless Integrations

Connect Poket Rewards System With Your Tools

Poket loyalty program software integration

+ Poket open API available


It’s Not Magic, But It Sure Feels Like It

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The magic of Poket Loyalty Platform is unlocked by first having an account. Try it, it’s free!

loyalty program management

Create Account

You can create a loyalty program in 15 minutes. 

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Enable Automation

Let the system work for you and bring your customers back.

Loyalty rewards

Launch Rewards

Let’s launch the rewards program and share with your customers of your great rewards program for them to sign up.

membership management

Measure Success

With our reports and dashboard, you can easily measure the success. You can analyze and finetune rewards program to achieve even greater success. Remember to take a moment to celebrate your success.




Success Stories

Poket has built both mAPP and web platforms for our brand's loyalty programme, and we have since been able to recruit customers alongside in depth details of their data, helping brand better understand our customer's shopping behaviour and products preference. I would recommend Poket Loyalty Program Software for any companies looking for affordable and easy-to-mange CRM solutions.

Ms Ngeo

Senior Brand Manager, Bioderma
We choose Poket because they are fast in developing the app. Also, they good at customising certain reports on an Adhoc basis. In terms of support, they revert to us normally within 24 hours for most cases.
Poket client - Volkswagen Malaysia

Rajadurai Ramasamy

HOD of Customer Care, Volkswagen Malaysia
Our company just started using Poket loyalty program software and we have seen around 24% growth. With Poket app and campaigns in place, 17% of transactions belong to returning customers. It is easy for customers to register, provided data easily for auditing, has detailed functions, constant upgrading and very responsive support. my team would rate Poket 5/5. We will recommend Poket Loyalty Rewards solutions to others.
Lagardere group uses Poket Loyalty CRM solution

Justin Leong

Assistant Category Manager, Lagadere Travel Retail
Our company has been working with Poket to develop our mall's mobile application for redemptions. The two things that stand out about Poket- offering great value that fits our budget and needs, and prompt technical support. our app is simple and highly user-friendly both in-app and on the backend. We are exploring the next phase of app improvements, and are confident that Poket will be able to assist us through this process as it did in developing and launching it.
Cathay use Poket Loyalty Rewards solution

Charlene Tan

Assistant Marketing Manager, Cathay Organisation
We have chosen Poket after a few meet up and they have shown professionalism and confidence to handle loyalty programme for our needs which are 30 outlets in Malaysia. We worked closely with the team in Singapore from Malaysia. No issues in communication. Pricing was also within our budget to work with. The backend portal is user-friendly and interfaces for customer app is simple and easy to use. we launched the app nationwide in June and work on the next phase bringing more value to our customers.
Dragon-i restaurants use Poket CRM Loyalty solution

Ms Khoo

Marketing Manager, Dragon-i Restaurant Group
Poket is very capable to cater to our needs and make the mobile application even more user-friendly as our members are not so tech-savvy. Poket team is very patient in listening to our requests and put in an effort to communicate our needs to the IT team. We spoke to a few other similar solution companies but feel that Poket is most suited for us in terms of the type of industry they design their service for and the backend is rather user friendly. Poket support helps to rectify any bugs or problems within 1-3 days, very good! Highly recommend Poket solution!
Betime Group uses Poket Loyalty Rewards software

Elgin Lee

Managing Director, BETime Group
After we adopt Poket solutions, we see an increase in customer retention rates and sign ups. Poket develop award-winning solutions, and has businesses in several countries. The solutions are reasonably priced, and the representative from Poket is able to answer to all our enquiries. We had compared Poket with similar vendors and found the difference in the flexibility of developing solutions for us. We are very satisfied with the customer's interface and backend for merchant that Poket has provided us. We are glad that Poket support team always respond timely whenever we have any requests. Good job, Poket Team!
Yayoi Japanese Restaurant Group uses Poket Loyalty Software

Okawachi Satoru

COO, Yayoi Japanese Restaurant Chain
Poket has everything we wanted and even an integrated reward system to reward our loyal customers. it is easy to use and we are also able to work remotely away from the shopfront. The team is sure to answer any questions we have and we would hghly recommend Poket Reward System if you are looking at expanding your company's customer base and ease of transactions.
FE Nail Lounge uses Poket Loyalty Program Software


Co-Founder, FE - The Nail Lounge

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