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That Impact Customers Experiences To Drive Engagement

Member Management

You’ll love Poket loyalty rewards software for it is system-smart yet human-centred.

The system takes care of your member account from profile updates, upgrade membership, and downgrade membership to expiry reminders automatically. Yet, you have full control of the member management to adjust a member earned rewards, adjust a member tier and etc if you wish to do so.

rewards software management
Best Rewards software
Loyalty Program Management

The loyalty rules are flexible and easy to set. In fact, it is so easy that you can setup your loyalty program in 15 minutes.


There are many types of loyalty programs that you can choose from:

Rewards Management

The rewards setting is simple to set yet powerful. You can determine the reward expiry based on month or specific date. On top of that, you can set the maximum quantity eligible for redemption so that it s not over redemption for certain special rewards. In additional, you can set if the reward is redeemable on your ecommerce store or simply at your brick-and-mortar store.

Rewards management
Voucher Management System

E-Voucher Management

The e-voucher is really very easy to create, and there are many ways you can use the e-voucher.


Acquire New Customers & Improve Customer Experience

That Grow And Retain Your Customers Systematically

Growing New Customers

With $0 Advertisement

The referral management is a deliberate and systematic way of getting your customers to refer their friends and relatives to your business.  You can set different rewards for the referrer and the referee and the conditions to earn that reward. Leverage on the word-of-mouth marketing and grow your new customers effortlessly.

referral program

Maximize Customer Satisfaction

To Get Repeat Purchases

The feedback management is a systematic way of getting your customers to give feedback and service/product rating. With the feedback insights, you can take corrective actions and ensure that  your customer will continue to spend at your brand.

customer feedback


Increase Spending Amount & Engagement Frequency

That Grow Your Revenue And Profit Quickly

Effective Customer Engagement

To Increase Patronage Frequency

The campaign management help you to  easily engage with your customers more frequently. You can schedule or perform ad-hoc campaigns for every festive seasons, promotion, anniversary or special occasions. On top of that, you can reach out to targeted customers for up selling or cross selling through in-app push notifications, email and/or SMS.

marketing campaign management

Get Customer Excited

And Motivates More Spending

The gamification management help you to  boost your sales revenue. This can be an ad-hoc campaign to encourage your customers to spend more in order to enjoy s free spin to win prizes. You have full control of the prize settings including the setting of winning prizes quantity.



Manage Customer Engagement Effortlessly

That Bring Customers Back Automatically

A Solid First Impression

Establishes A Lifelong Relationship

Sending welcome emails promptly make a huge difference. It give a good first impression and lay the groundwork for more sales. By simply turning on Poket welcome automation feature, every of your new member will be warmly welcome in a timely manner and leave a wonderful impression of your brand.

welcome automation

Superb Marketing Weapon

That Create Happy Moments

The idea of birthday automation is simple – send birthday wishes to customers on or near their special day to increase engagement, brand loyalty, and ultimately boost sales. Add a free gift with purchase or special discount to encourage them to return to make a purchase.


A research shows birthday email generate 342% more revenue than promotional emails. That’s a good sales number. Let’s use Poket birthday automation to help you draw customers back automatically.

birthday automation

Get Lapsed Customers Back

And Keep Them Loyal

There is a massive area of opportunities that lapsed customers represent. After all, they love your brand when they joined your membership. Let’s pull their attention back to you brand. Using Poket win-back automation, you can set the lapsed period and the system will engage with the lapsed customers automatically to entice them back to spend with you.

Win back customers

Game Changer

Let Engagements Run By Itself

Improve your overall customer engagement using marketing automation feature.


There are many parameters that you can select for your targeted marketing from membership type, number of transactions, gender, age, spending amount range to spending date range. You create the campaigns, the system will send the targeted marketing to customers who met your qualifying parameters. Engaging with customers are easily and automatically executed.

Marketing Automation


Insightful & Actionable Data

That Enable Your Teams To Make Informed Decision

Unlock Critical Business Insights

With No-Code Analytics

No more manual work. We centralize your data at-a-glance visual overview for you to make better decisions.


Reports Reveal All

For Greater Precise Marketing

Who are your top customers? Who are the lapsed customers? Which campaign has the best redemption results? What is the sales performance on the loyalty program and e-vouchers? No more guessing work, gain instant insights easily.


Export to CSV if you want to slice and dice your own data. Plus, the reports are detailed enough that your accountant will love you for their reconciliation work is a breeze.

loyalty rewards reports


Seamless Integrations

That Connect Poket With The Tools You Already Use

Integrated Partners

Our clients have integrated these partners’ solutions into their loyalty programs.  You can do the same. With a few clicks, you can set up Shopify, WooCommerce, Stripe, or Paypal integrations directly from your Poket admin account. For point-of-sale and ordering system integrations, simply contact our partners to do the integration setup for you.

Poket loyalty program software integration
loyalty rewards software Integration
Open API Integration

Yes, we have open API where your POS vendor can use it to integrate Poket solution into your POS system. With the integration, your in-store can perform transactions directly from your POS machine.

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