Boost Your Fashion Business with Poket Loyalty Program

Poket is a cloud-based loyalty software designed for your fashion line to increase traffic and grow revenue.

With Poket, you can run your own interactive loyalty program specifically designed for fashion lines.

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Challenges in the Fashion Industry

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Constant fear of losing customers

High churn can be avoided with a reward system that allows customers to make progress and return on a daily basis.

Wallet Share

Low wallet share

Fashion companies need to find a way to encourage people to spend their fashion budget exclusively at their stores.

Differentiator Loyalty Program in Fashion

Finding a differentiator is a game-changer

Standing out is only possible with a customer retention tool that engages customers and communicates your brand values.

Loyalty Solutions that make an impact

Loyalty Programs

Stand out with your values, and incentivize customers to share them

Increase customer loyalty, encourage customers to spend more by creating a suitable loyalty program for your fashion store. 

If you’re an eco-conscious brand, reward members who bring back used textiles with points, badges or other benefits.

Fashion Loyalty Program
Loyalty EVouchers for Fashion





Personalise experiential rewards, stand out from competitors!

No more, one size fits all, approach. Customize and personalize the rewards for your fashion store and attach e-vouchers to the loyalty program, campaigns, and other programs.

Right from signing up, birthdays, or even sending an instant deal at a discount, Poket got everything covered for the growth of your fashion store.

Referral Program

A faster way to attract customers!

Your existing customers are your best advocates, and our Referral Program makes it easy for them to spread the word about your hair salon. Word of Mouth turns your deals shareable, empowering customers to introduce your hair salon to their family and friends with an enticing incentive.

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Marketing Solutions

Keep your customers engaged with Automated Marketing Campaigns

The more customized an offer—like a 10% discount to celebrate a birthday, or a free accessory, free styling, etc., the more chances to bring back the lapsed customer to your hair salon. Poket’s feature sends your customers automated campaigns to bring them back to your fashion store.

Customer Success Story

Let's Change Program

Working towards a more sustainable fashion future, H&M launched its ‘Let’s Change Program’ in April 2021. Since then it has been running the campaign successfully to encourage customers to bring unwanted garments for reuse, bring own reusable bag when shopping and to purchase products with green hangtags that are made of more sustainable materials. 

HM Let's Change Program

Poket Loyalty Rewards for e-Commerce Stores

With us you can make a difference!

Feel free to write to us for any questions or for any customisation of your fashion store loyalty program.