How To Maintain Customer Retention – Even During A Pandemic

How To Maintain Customer Retention – Even During A Pandemic

Customer retention is important for every business out there, and particularly amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, your existing customers are the most important source of your revenue. But the challenge is how to retain these customers when social restrictions are imposed to prevent the spread of the virus, also not to forget this competitive marketplace.

Connecting, engaging, converting and retaining customers is vital for businesses to survive and increase your revenue. But attracting and acquiring a brand-new customer, again and again, is substantially more expensive than retaining your customer. So, you can understand how cost-effective it is to focus on keeping your current customers instead of always pouring in your valuable resources to attract new ones.

This concept is challenging enough in a normal social and economic climate—add in the COVID-19 pandemic and it feels nearly impossible.

But, that’s not the case. We said customer retention is the perfect solution to increase your sales during this pandemic and now we’ve laid out some must-try tactics below to get the ball rolling for you.

Customer retention in a pandemic is absolutely doable, it just takes some creativity and some commitment.

The Top Tips for Customer Retention During a Pandemic

Ready to retain those customers but aren’t sure where to start? You’re in the right place.

Read on and use these tips as a jumping-off point for your customer retention ideas. Remember, this is just the start—there are plenty of creative, unique ways for you to retain your clients. The sky’s the limit!


Create Your Loyalty Programs with Empathy

Loyalty programs—often called referral programs or reward systems—are tried-and-true, incentivized strategies that are designed to keep your clients coming back for more. Don’t just create any loyalty programs just for the sake of creating it. Read your customers, try to connect with them, know what could really make them smile with your loyalty reward program.

Now is the perfect time to maximize your loyalty program and really get the word out. Think about updating your current referral program—and if you don’t have one, now is the perfect time to build one!

Not sure how to go about setting up a loyalty program? Check out our post here.


Offer a great experience for customers

Creating a great impression right from the customer’s first purchase is a must. Don’t leave any opportunity to make them smile, especially important in times when sales are slow since you want those new customers to keep coming back. Sending them specially curated offers on their birthdays, welcome rewards on their first purchase, etc. can really make your customers happy. Once a customer creates an account with your store, you can then create personalized reward programs for them.


Offer rewards with bonus-point campaigns

You must have heard a lot about customer advocacy, and now is the time to implement this strategy to increase your sales. Loyalty programs are created in such a way as to retain your customers for a long-term but sometimes these become so boring that customers stop working towards those goals. Don’t miss the chance to attract your customers to make purchases again and again. Tie your loyalty programs to attractive rewards and incentivize your customers for being your brand advocates. For example, giving your customers the chance to earn social media engagement points to redeem rewards can increase your purchases even during slow sales periods.


Stand out from your competitors by being creative, not generic

During this pandemic, customers are taking the time to decide on what to buy, what not to buy. They will judge on everything before buying or visiting anything. It’s high time to stand out from your competitors, curate your offers in a special way that your competitors are not providing. Create a memorable customer experience and give customers greater incentive to become members.


Listen to Your Customer’s Experiences

You’ve heard the phrase “straight from the horse’s mouth,” right? Asking your customers directly to give you their honest feedback might seem scary and too transparent, but it’s one of the best ways to get a real feel on how you could better retain your existing customers.

Customers’ feedback is the best way to ask them specifically what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and what you’re missing the mark on.

When you prioritize your customers’ honest feedback and then make real, tangible steps to give them what they want, you can adjust their experience and provide them with what they need to stick with you.

Feeling a little more comfortable with the concept of customer retention despite the current COVID-19 pandemic? We hope so—that’s the goal.

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