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Customer Loyalty Software

How it works

Merchant's Journey

How to Create a
Loyalty Program

💻 Sign up on Website

📒 Set up Account

🏆 Create Loyalty Program

🚀 Launch Program

How to Sign Up Customers

In-Store Sign Up

🤳 Ask customer to scan the QR code and sign up

Loyalty Program Membership

In-Store Sign Up
Method 2

📱/📧 Ask for the Customer's Mobile Number/ Email and sign up


Import Members

🖥️ Add Members/ Import Members through Admin Portal


Customer's Journey

How members are communicated

For every transaction, rewards, redemption, and expiry members will receive emails, PNS (Push-Notification Service) via the app (optional) and SMS (add-on).



App (Optional)


SMS (Add-On)


How Members Redeem

A. For Merchants with Storefront

Step 1

Members approach the store personnel and let them know that they want to redeem the offer.

Customer voucher redemption

Step 2

Members can provide any one of the following to the store personnel-

  • Mobile no. (preferred way)
  • Email 
  • QR code (available in the app) or
  • Ask the store personnel to key in the store pin in the Member App

Step 3

 Members can now enjoy the awesome offer!

Store personnel

B. For Merchants without Storefront

Step 1

Members will receive emails for each and every rewards. They can either login to their member portal via web or app and click on REDEEM.

Step 2

System will send notification to the merchant to redeem the respective voucher for the members.

Step 3

Members enjoy the offer!

C. For Online Stores

For online eCommerce stores like Shopify or WooCommerce, all redemptions are online discounts of purchases and can be redeemed instantly. 

Video Tutorials

3 steps to start your rewards program

Starting your loyalty program with Poket Loyalty Management Software and signing up your members is as easy as 1-2-3. 

How do your members use Poket Rewards (optional)

Poket Rewards app lets your members manage and track your rewards in a cool way. It’s easy and free to use!


How to create a catalogue listing

Increase brand awareness and drive sales with Poket’s catalogue. List your products or services, let your customers know what’s trending, set converting call to actions with URL, email, or trigger call.

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