Increase Repeat Sales
Attract more New Loyal Customers.

All in one digital customer rewards solutions
Acquire & retain more customers, Easy to use, Data that helps you sell Better.


All-in-one Digital Customer Rewards Solutions

Poket Helps You Increase Repeat Sales And Attract More New Loyal Customers.

Acquire & Retain More Customers
Poket has multiple powerful tools to help you to engage and excite your customers. Your customers will love to do business with you and refer more customers to you.
Easy To Use
No more tedious hassle! With Poket ready template, you can easily kickstart your own customer rewards programs within 10 minutes.
Data That Helps You Sell Better
Understand your customers’ spending habits. Poket’s analytics tool gives you a bird’s eye view of your transactions.
The most cost-effective solution globally
Don’t fall into the pitfall of thinking you have to spend a lot to set up a highly effective loyalty program. Poket provides powerful enterprise grade capabilities at the most affordable price that you will find in the market. Our track record, backed by our experience and customer references, say it all.
Go digital, go mobile
Don’t just award your customers with reward points and pray they come back! Turn your passive, reactive loyalty program into a proactive, engaging one. Poket helps you engage your customers through their preferred communication channels and incentivise them to return.
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The Power of Poket

Increase your Revenue

Turbo charge your repeat business
  • Loyal customers spend 3 times more than new customers and typically 10 times the value of their first purchases
  • A customer only has a 27% of returning after their first visit.
Accelerating your net new business through your loyal customer base
  • 86% of consumers engage with a brand they are loyal to by recommending it to others.

Improve the effectiveness of spending

More cost effective to retain existing customers than acquire new customers
  • Acquiring a new customer cost 5X more than retaining a new one
Run more cost effective marketing campaigns
  • Loyalty program are 10X more effective than typical marketing campaigns

Improve your products and services by

Gathering feedback real time to improve your products and services.
  • Surprisingly, 60-80% of customers who described themselves as satisfied do not go back for more. Feedback is a crucial element to help you understand why?
Exchanging ideas with our (Poket’s) community of merchants and providers.

How does it work?


Step 1

Share a bit of information to get you setup.


Step 2

Print and display a QR code and banners for your customer.


Step 3

Voila! Reward your customers and measure success

Why Poket

Technological innovation – patented technology, Poket AI, innovation that grows with your business needs. (71% of shoppers say they would be more likely to use their loyalty cards if they could access these cards and rewards from their mobile phone.)


Result you can count on:

  • Power analytics to understand how your program is performing and where you can optimize
  • Evolve your loyalty program as you evolve your business. Add new program types and adjust your rewards as you your business needs change
  • Leverage social networking to transform your customers into your biggest advocates
  • Launch marketing campaigns to your customer base.

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Want Enterprise grade sophistication? Run impactful campaigns, leverage Poket AI to help you pinpoint specific group of customers, sell prepaid packages, etc?

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