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Spin Wheel Program

Spin Wheel is built on the concept of fortune wheel dedicated for use in-store. You can use this wonderful feature to increase your sales. For example, you allow customers to spend $X amount in-store to enjoy a chance to spin and win.


Note: Not applicable for use on Shopify and other integration module.

How Does Spin Wheel Program Work?

Step 1: Setup

• Go to admin portal, select Programs and click Spin Wheel Program.

• The next steps are (see image):


1) Spin Wheel Title – Enter a name for your spin wheel. Example: Anniversary Spin & Win.
2) Item – Enter item name to be displayed on the spin wheel. Minimum 4 items required. Example: $5 voucher.
3) Color – Select the item color to be displayed on the spin wheel. Tap the color and key your preferred color code or select from the color chart dropdown.
4) Attach E-Voucher – This is optional. You can create and attach an e-voucher. If your customer has won an e-voucher, it will be added to his member account.
5) Upload Icon – This is optional. You can add an icon to be displayed on the spin wheel.
6) Next – You can select which of your store can use the spin wheel. Thereafter, please click Submit to launch your spin wheel.
Spin Wheel setting

Step 2: Ready To Play

Make sure that you have downloaded the merchant store app. If you haven’t, please do so at


  • Login to the store app.


  • Tap the menu icon and select >Spin Wheel


  • Identify member on who will be playing the Spin Wheel


  • Let customer tap the Spin Wheel.
Loyalty Program Gamification

Note: If the item won is a e-voucher which you have created, this e-voucher will be added to your member account. If the winning item is a physical gift, please pass the gift to the customer.