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Easiest Setup For Your Brick & Mortar Store

Let’s Discover How Easy To Set Up Your Loyalty Programs

3 Steps Launch Process

In this 2-minute video, you can view how easy it is to setup your loyalty program in just a few simple  steps. In additional, you can view how your in-store staff can process member rewards transaction seamlessly and quickly. Launching your loyalty program couldn’t be any easier. Let’s get your loyalty program up and running now.

Method 1

Customer Self-Sign Up Process

You can put up a poster or decal for your customers to scan the QR code and perform self-sign up.


Where to get the QR code for your customer to scan?  On your Poket admin portal, you will find your unique program QR code.

Member self sign up membership program

Method 2 

Staff Perform Sign Up

Your in-store staff can use the store portal and ask for your customer mobile numbers or email to process the sign up. The system will trigger email or SMS (if add-on SMS credits) to your customers to complete the full profile. it takes less than 5 seconds for your staff to enter the email or mobile number. It’s super fast.  Of course, if you want to get the full customer on the spot, it can be done too.

Staff sign up member

Method 3

Import Members

You can import members easily with our import feature

Import member at loyalty crm software


Instant Integration For Your Shopify Or WooCommerce Store

Let’s Experience The Seamless Integration

3 Steps Integration Process

At your Poket admin portal, simply setup your loyalty program and Shopify or WooCommerce launcher page. Thereafter, you can connect  Shopify or WooCommerce to Poket seamlessly.

How to setup loyalty program with e-commerce

Online Sign Up

At your website, the rewards launcher will appear so that your customers can sign up to your membership program instantly.

How to sign up member at Shopify and Woocommerce


What Else Others Love To Know About

Let’s Us Share A Little Bit More

How To Create Catalogue

The Catalogue is also known as the “What’s On” section. This is where you list your products, services, promotion, latest news and etc. You can set call to action such as open up a URL page, open more sub-banners pages,  trigger email or trigger call. Check out this video and personalize an exciting member experience.

How To Use Member Mobile App (Optional)

For Free, Strong and Mighty plan, you will have a member portal and member mobile app. The member mobile app name is “Poket Rewards” app. Check out the video on the convenience it brings to your members.

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