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How To Bring Back Your Lost Customers?

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Businesses are spending vast sums in marketing to acquire new customers trying to replace their lost customers. But research shows

How to Boost Customer Retention Post Purchase

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In order to thrive and survive in business, business owners will have to embrace a lot of techniques and tactics.

10 Reasons Why are Your Customers Leaving Your Loyalty Program

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I remember enrolling myself in a dozen of loyalty programs with different stores, restaurants, cafes and there might be many

5 Tips On Creating A Loyalty Program For Your Restaurant

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To win in the next normal, your restaurant will need to embrace technology in your business model. Consumers' behaviors have

How To Make A Creative Loyalty Program

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Are you fed up of trying out loyalty programs, again and again, just to not be cared for by your

How To Maintain Customer Retention – Even During A Pandemic

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Customer retention is important for every business out there, and particularly amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, your existing customers are

3 Customer Retention Strategies That You Do Not Want To Miss

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No matter what business you’re in, one fact remains.  To be a success you’ve got to not only attract

The 4 Secrets To Create Successful Loyalty Rewards Program

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Loyalty rewards program is not just trends; they are becoming an innovation in the field of marketing. They have been

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Running Digital Loyalty Program

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A Digital Loyalty Program has many benefits for your business! It was first created to encourage customers to continue to

5 Ways To Increase Customer Loyalty And Repeat Visits

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Today, business owners are spending more of their time in trying to get new customers that they fail to pay

Why Is Your CRM Failing And How To Succeed

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When it comes to CRM, it has become more and more important for vendors to focus on this area of

Why Does Your Business Need A Loyalty Program Software?

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While loyalty programs are common to huge businesses including Best Buys and Starbucks, a small business can also gain

Customer Loyalty Program Ideas To Retain Customers

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In the past store loyalty programs have involved going into the store, filling out a paper form and receiving

7 Myths About Customer Loyalty Programs

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A company thrives on customers. As much as it is important to gain new customers to keep the company

6 Best Loyalty Program Ideas

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In the past, you are used to businesses that offer a customer loyalty program. You are possibly making use of

Why Is The Mobile Loyalty Rewards The Future?

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Way back in the past, a store loyalty program system has involved visiting the store, filling out the paper from

The Best Way to Make Your Customers Happy Is Giving Rewards

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So you have your regular customers who are never getting tired of patronizing what you offer. As a business owner,

Why Do Retail Businesses Really Need Customer Rewards Program Now?

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The competition between businesses is continuously going tougher and it became harder and harder for retail businesses to persuade their

Dos and Don’ts of Successful Rewards Program

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Customer Rewards program is fundamental for the success of any business. They are brilliant in attracting new customers, promoting loyalty among

Why doesn’t your customer loyalty program give you the expected results?

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While many companies and businesses have chosen to use customer loyalty programs as their marketing tools to increase traffic to

How to Implement Effective Customer Loyalty Program in F&B Industry

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A customer loyalty program is not a brand new concept today. On the other hand, determining the proper way of